Have you heard of Buzzfeed's Tasty?

You know the click bait site Buzzfeed right? Well, they have a subdivision called "Tasty", where they post click bait "Pinterest" styles recipe videos on instagram, facebook and youtube. The recipes are only 1-2 minutes long in order to cater for the short attention span of most social media users. Tasty recipes sound crazy, but seem rather appetizing too.

 There's stuff like:

 Deep-fried cheeseburger stuffed onion rings

Cinnamon roll apple pie

Strawberry cheesecake stuffed poundcake

Chicken stuffed parmesan garlic bread

It looks pretty click-baity, over the top, Pinterest copy cat like to me. However, I am also very curious to find out how they will taste.  Are they actually good recipes? or just click bait content? As a result, I have decided to try a few recipes to find out. The first one I shall try is... ice cream bread!

Yes, I have decided I am going to try Ice Cream bread:

Heres how it went.

First I added self-raising flour and ice cream together. I used a chocolate chip cookie dough icecream I found in the depths of my freezer. Any icecream, except for non dairy or low fat will work here. On an additional note, I halved the recipe. 

Then I baked it. That's it! I tasted some of the batter and it tasted like cookie dough. A good sign? I think so.

Ta Da! Honestly I think it looks like a chocolate chip muffin. The cookie dough and chocolate chips give this ice cream cake a unique taste. It is very crisp and crunchy on the outside. It has a kind of artificial taste, but I think it is because of my ice cream. Overall, I think it is a good idea if you want to bake something quick and easy with only two ingredients. However, I think it is crunchier and drier than normal cakes. I feel it is more like a scone cake. 

Anyway, this turned out surprisingly better than what I expected. If you like scone cakes, I recommend you give this recipe a try. However, I would not make this again. :\ haha 



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