Visiting Tiger Burger, Grey Lynn

Tiger Burger says they serve up "Korean Inspired Fast Food". I was a bit skeptical about korean inspired fusion food, but it turns out there is nothing to worry, as the food is actually here is really, really good.

There is nothing pretentious about Tiger Burger. It is fun, friendly, warm and casual. Everyone here is so relaxed, the vibe is very down to earth and no one seems to care about acting "cool".

Me and my mum are not the biggest fans of burgers. We were suspicious Tiger Burger was going to be one of those snotty hipster places that charges really high prices for really mediocre food. It turns out, we were wrong.

Tiger Burger, in my opinion, makes the best burgers in Auckland. Kimchi, asian pickles and spicy mayos just work so well!   Sorry Burger Burger, but I think you've met your match. And by that I mean you now have to compete with a place that makes burgers that are better than yours.

The "Gang-Jeong" a fried chicken burger with chilli soy glaze, pickled daikon, sriracha mayo and crunchy lettuce is mouth-watering good. It is fun to eat and the flavours are exciting.   I loved the contrast between the crisp, sour pickles, crunchy fried chicken and delicious asian inspired mayo. I ordered it with extra kimchi, and I recommend you do too. My Mum's "Bossam", featuring juicy, tender pork belly, crunchy pickled daikon, kimchi and honey garlic mayo exceeded her expectations.

All pickles, sauces, mayo and kimchi are made in house. All the meat is free-range, and they do lettuce wraps if you don't want a bun. Esther and Matt, the young couple behind this eatery are friendly, down to earth and very likeable. I hope they have great success with Tiger Burger, as it is a truly a great place to eat, with very good people and very good food.

Tiger Burger



Gluten free and Vegan options available.



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