Autumn, my favourite season (My scenic drive through the Kumeu Countryside)

My favourite season is autumn, because of the autumn scenery and atmosphere. I love how the weather is sunny and cool, not rainy, wet or cold or overly dry and hot. I love how the sunset shines through the cracks formed by the branches of elderly trees. I love how the fallen leaves creates a carpets of gold, amber and maple on the soil. I love how pinecones start to tumble off pine trees, and funny mushrooms start to pop out of the ground. I love the acorns. I love the leaves.

Every autumn, I like to collect beautiful leaves and slide them into heavy books. By doing so, I can preserve these leaves and use them in craft and as bookmarks.

To admire the autumn scenery, my mother and I went on a scenic drive through Kumeu (West Auckland) to The Tasting Shed for lunch*. Kumeu is full of small family owned wineries, orchards and rolling green pastures. I highly recommend you to visit Kumeu if you like to visit wineries, orchard shops and admire autumn leaves. There are also many ice cream shops in Kumeu which offer fresh fruit soft serve.

Here are the photographs of our drive through Kumeu:
*( If you are looking to read my review on The Tasting Shed, click this link to this post: )

 (Coopers Creek Vineyard:601 SH 16, Kumeu 0891)

(Coopers Creek Vineyard:601 SH 16, Kumeu 0891)

I hope you are able to take time to admire the autumn leaves if you are in New Zealand. I highly recommend you visit Kumeu, especially if you enjoy majestic scenery and delicious food and wine.



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