Easter Long Weekend Cooking + Favourite recipes around the internet


I love Easter, and this year, easter weekend was very fun for me. I did a lot of cooking and tried out alot of new recipes. I think the recipes I tried produced fantastic results, so I want to share with you what I made, how it turned out, and why you should try it too in a small roundup.  My favourite thing from this roundup is the matcha green tea crepe cake that I made with my friends. It is actually quite difficult and you need persistance at times to continue.


1. Hot cross Buns !

(My Mum)

Easter is not complete without hot-cross buns. This year was the first time I tried making hotcross buns from scratch and the results were pretty good! This recipe produced a fluffy, soft bun dough that is easy to make and handle. I gave the dough an overnight rise, and I added some chopped dark chocolate and ginger in the buns.  These were very popular with the guests that came to our house on easter sunday for an easter egg hunt. I think I made like 24 and they ate them all.

2.  Fig galette with goat cheese, honey and walnuts + Apple hand pies.


To get into the autumn mood, I made some apple hand pies and a fig tart. I used a simple yet fabulous pie dough (butter-crust pastry) recipe from smitten kitchen that produced a flaky, buttery and crisp pastry crust. I can still remember the crunch of the pastry and the buttery aroma that hung throughout the cool, crisp morning air.  The pastry is incredibly versatile, and can be used for pies, tarts, galettes, pop tarts etc .

3. Matcha crepe cake

This is actually quite tiring, but the results are so worth it!  I thoroughly enjoyed the anko (red bean paste) whipped cream between each layer, and I loved cutting the cake to revel the thousand (well more like 20-30) layers. It actually looked kind of .. professional.  Next time, I will not whip the cream as much to produce a nicer looking crepe cake and better texture.

5. Onigiri
These whismical, adorable salmon onigiri were inspired from various instagram accounts of bento boxes. Onigiri is japanese rice ball, and makes a simple, nutritious and tasty lunch. If you are interested in trying onigiri, use Cooking with Dog's video tutorial on youtube , I do hope you give onigiri a try, my top tip is to have plenty of salt water available to coat your hands when you wrap the onigiri, or the rice will stick to your hands.



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