Must Visit: Bird on a wire in Ponsonby

Ponsonby's bird on on a wire used to be a little take-way store, selling delicious, crispy, juicy spit-roasted free range chicken and vibrant salads. They've become bigger and better at their new home in Ponsonby Central, and you can dine in, and order off a proper menu.

(The photo doesn't do the meal justice, I was just too hungry. The food is really amazing)

If there is one meal you should ever try in Auckland, it should be at Bird on a Wire. Too many restaurants in Auckland  try too hard to be cool, but end up being overpriced and pretentious. Not Bird on a Wire. It doesn't even need to try and it is already really cool. You'll get the juiciest, crispiest, most flavorful free-range spit-roasted chicken you'll ever have in your whole entire life. Doused in truffle butter.  It'll come with crispy yet fluffy chicken-fat roasted potatoes. And a nice, crispy, fresh salad. And some pretty decent, lip-smacking gravy. This food will feed your soul, warm your belly and make you very, very happy. Soon, you'll finish your meal, slightly bloated, but very, very satisfied.  

Extra details:
The waitstaff here are friendly and down to earth. No hipster cafe waiter snobiness here. You can also order other items such as fried chicken, warm bread and butter, baguette sandwiches, burgers and dessert. Roasted chicken comes in quarter, half and whole size. You can have it plain with gravy, or select a variety of bastes such as truffle butter or korean bbq. Please get truffle butter. The salads come in many varieties you can choose from. We had a delicious mozzarella, fennel, green apple and cherry tomato salad. As the salads change weekly, you'll have to have a surprise.

Why is the food so good?

Bird On a Wire Ponsonby Flagship store
Ponsonby Central
136/146 Ponsonby road

P.S Happy Valentines Day!



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