Temaki Sushi

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I have recently been making a type of sushi called Temaki, or cone shaped sushi. It is quick, vibrant and light, and I prefer it to normal maki sushi because I get a big bite of filling and not alot of rice. I an also add more varieties of filling and eat it like an ice cream cone. 

I originally thought temaki sushi was a cheat's easier version of rolled sushi. I am mistaken. Rolling the temaki sushi into a cone was harder than I thought. I had to sacrifice a few pieces of seaweed and watch a few youtube videos before I could get the hang of it. However, now I have, I can't stop!
In my recipe, I have made salmon temaki and also crab and egg temaki.

The most important thing is to place rice diagonally on the nori and to wrap with your hands, not on a mat.

Served with miso soup, this makes a delicious summer dinner for four. 

Temaki Sushi 
(Note: You can really add anything vegetables/protein in them, these are only ideas)
Serves 4 

2 cups sushi rice 
3-4 tablespoons sushi vinegar

Nori and other:
one packet of Nori seaweed
Wasabi and soy sauce
Toasted sesame seeds

1 capsicum 
1 small cucumber 
1 carrot 
1 avocado 
shiso leaves (If available)

Sashimi salmon 
1 cup imitation crab chopped, mixed with 2-3 tablespoons japanese mayo
1 egg+salt 

1. Cook sushi rice according to packet instructions, once cooked, use a rice paddle and fold in sushi vinegar, be careful not to mush individual grains
2.Let rice cool to body temperature. When rice is cooling, prepare filling ingredients. You want to make sure you have everything prepared on hand when it is time to roll.
 Slice vegetables into even, thin strips. Prepare a small bowl of warm water. Prepare sashimi salmon and imitation crab.
Prepare egg sheet, whisk one egg with some salt. Oil a small frying pan and heat. Add egg, turning the pan to coat surfaces evenly. Remove, and cut into thin strips.
3. Now, please watch this video that explains in detail how to roll Temaki sushi.
4. Time to roll! I recommend asking a friend/family member to help you roll. One person adds rice and filling onto seaweed and the other person can roll up the temaki and add wasabi.

- When placing rice onto seaweed, dip your hand in warm water and grab a small handful of rice to spread onto seaweed. This prevents rice from sticking to your hands and also helps keep rice in a smooth even layer.

-When placing filling, place one slice of each vegetable onto seaweed. Next, add either one slice of sashimi salmon or a tablespoon of imitation crab and one egg sheet. Finally, sprinkle on toasted sesame for crunch and shiso leaf for extra flavour.

5. Serve with miso soup and soy sauce for dipping. Enjoy!



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