Filled pasta workshop at Pasta e Cuore

Pasta e Cuore is a small slice of Italy situated on Mt Eden road. I went there on a summery friday afternoon to attend a filled pasta workshop taught by Stefania Ugolini. It was a fun and eye-opening experience which enjoyed immensely.

Stefania is from Bolgana, Italy and she began making pasta ever since she was five. She has travelled to many places around the world and had lots of stories to tell. She says pasta needs to be made with 3 ingreadients, flour, eggs and love. Simple, but incredibly delicious.

The workshop session was from 3:30-5:30. There were 5 people (including me) attending.  I learned how to make a pasta dough, roll it into a thin sheet using a pasta machine and roll the pasta into different shapes such as tortellini and ravioli. I found tortellini interesting as they looked a bit like chinese wontons. Pasta making is simple, but it does require skill to get it right! We filled our pasta with two fillings, ricotta and herb and potato and blue cheese. Filled pasta dough is thinner than normal pasta dough as if it is too thick, it will not go well with the delicate filling.

I purchased a portion of tomato sauce and a tiramisu alongside the pasta I made at the workshop.
I must say, dinner that night was delicious.... The tomato sauce was fresh, vibrant and had a strong umami flavour, paired with the ravioli.. it was very good. I served the tortellini with a herbed lemon butter sauce with fresh shavings of parmesan cheese... very good as well. The tiramisu was perfectly sweetened and an excellent way to finish off a splendid summer dinner.

 Ravioli in tomato sauce 
 tortellini with lemon herb pasta sauce 
Smoked salmon, creme frache, charred courgette and corn, baby gem lettuce and parmesan cheese salad

If you love to eat pasta and want to have a fun hands on experience, Pasta e Cuore are still doing some pasta workshops. If you checked out their facebook page here: they post workshop sessions each month. I haven't been there to eat dinner, but I believe it would be a very worthwhile experience as well.

Pasta e Cuore
409 Mt Eden Road
Mt Eden



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