Major Sprout for breakfast

Major Sprout
21 Graham Street

This morning I went out for breakfast. This is the first time I have done this in auckland, and to be honest, it's quite nice. It's got a different vibe from weekend brunch, but I really enjoyed this experience at Major Sprout.

Major Sprout is a very hipster cafe. For example, there is a barrister with a beard who is also a hipster, sourdough toast and quite a lot of succulents. Located in the city, it's smaller than what I expected, but the decor is very nice.

I ordered compressed watermelon and stonefruit with strawberry chia labneh, and my buddy ordered the green eggs benedict on a potato rosti with house-cured slab bacon. For drinks we both had a half-strength latte.

Their coffee is very good, one of the best I've had in auckland. The compressed watermelon and stonefruit with strawberry chia labneh was light, fresh and had a good texture contrast between the smooth labneh (strained yoghurt cheese), juicy watermelon and crunchy nut topping. I would have liked a bit more nut topping though, as the meal was not particularly substantial. (I ordered eggs on the side). It was very beautifully arranged though, extremely Instagram worthy. My buddy said her Eggs Benedict was very rich and filling, and she found it delicious!

Overall, I think this is a very nice place to visit in the city for some wholesome and creative meals, and I liked eating breakfast in the mid of the morning buzz. The acai bowl also looks very nice.



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