Cornwall Park Cafe

Cornwall park is a fantastic park, especially at spring time, when there are baby lambs, daffodils and cherry blossom trees. Until recently, if you wanted to visit cornwall park for a few hours, you had to bring a picnic, as there are no places you can eat. However, now there is a cafe, situated in the prime location of cornwall park, which has 4 million visitors a year. 

You would expect the cafe to be great right? I mean, with such a great location and good business all year round, you would expect a "hip group" level cafe that used local, seasonal ingredients and quality free-range meat, right?
No, sadly, cornwall park cafe would only compete with coffee club. Actually, I think coffee club is better, at least there prices are more reasonable….

When we went for brunch on a Sunday, the cafe was busy and we were told to wait 20 minutes before we could get a table." Do we need to leave a name/phone number?", we asked. "No", the lady replied , "just wait for 20 minutes". Since we had to wait for 20 minutes, we decided to have a stroll around the park. When we came back, the lady told us there was no table available for us. "Why? you told us we would get one in 20 minutes?" we responded.  " Well", she replied," I did have one for you, but you weren't there". So she expected us to just sit there for twenty minutes, waiting for the first empty seat to snatch. I'm sorry lady, we don't use time like that. 

The food is pretty low-standard. Looking at other tables, I see people eating soup with toasted white sandwich bread. I mean come on, what cafe serves cheap , toasted sandwchich bread these days? Sourdough please! Futhermore, it said on the menu that the bread was home baked. Totally a lie. Their salmon bagel is not sexy at all, and they don't even use best ugly bagels, clearly the best bagels around. Do the people who run this cafe even live in auckland? 
The only word I could use to describe the bagel was sad. It was a commercial supermarket bagel with a few flakes of salmon and some wilted watercress leaves. No magnificent smear of cream cheese or glistening sheets of smoked salmon. Just that. The bircher was very average, after a few bites, it became mind-numbingly boring. The coffee was pretty standard as well. Oh, and did I mention that most of the cabinet food is gluten free? Please, stop trying to be little bird unbakery and serve some real cakes please. The pistachio loaf (gluten free) was way too sweet, with a weird, sandy texture that made me cringe. The butter they bring to eat with the loaf was dripping wet with water. Why on earth is your butter wet? The deconstructed ice chocolate was the only nice thing we order. I loved the idea of building your own drink, pouring milk and chocolate together and topping the glass jar with whipped cream. 

The interior is nice, white and spacious. There are no magazines to read while you wait. Situated in a popular attraction for locals and tourists, I had high expectations for this cafe in cornwall park. I feel as if this cafe is run by a bunch of people who haven't lived in auckland long enough to have gone to a couple of good cafes and figured out what the standard is. Why couldn't the hip group taken over here instead? Why do they serve sandwich bread?



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