Smoothie bowls+ what is "healthy"?


   I want to tell you about something very delicious I like to have on a hot summers day when I want something simple and refreshing. It's not summer in New Zealand anymore, but any hot day is perfect for smoothie bowls. I saw lots of pictures of smoothie bowls online,  on instagram and they were all so beautiful and creative it really inspired me to start creating my own. I love how smoothie bowls gives you a template to customise it anyway you want however a topping of nut butter, sliced fruit, berries and granola is compulsory!

I also want to talk about something else. These days there is so much information online on being healthy. Some places say you should be vegan, others say paleo diets are the best, some say you shouldn't eat carbs, others say you should cut out dairy, some sites say wholemeal bread is a good source of carbs and protein for a healthy lunch while other say wheat will kill your gut and you should be gluten free. Thirty years ago, everyone was afraid of fat, now they are proving fat isn't really that bad.  It is trendy to go high in protein these days, people are going on and on about how protein makes you fuller for longer.

I believe it is important to have protein, carbohydrates and fats. These were created for a reason, so if carbs were so bad, why do they even exist?

Nowadays, people are afraid of gluten and wheat, but maybe a few years from now, there will be proof that bread isn't going to make you obese and kill you. It is important to be healthy, but being healthy means being happy, free and being able to live your life full of opportunities and love. Being healthy also means you don't stress. Is it healthy if you refuse to eat any sort of bread, pasta or rice, even with your families/friends at a nice restaurant? Isn't it weird that lots of children have been drinking milk growing up for many decades and they have all grown up fine? I don't have anything against almond milk, but what's wrong with cow's milk? With all these boundaries, guidelines, dos and don'ts we cant even feel happy when we eat normal food!  Did you know that Jesus ate bread? So guys....
Don't hate bread, it is not that bad, as why would Jesus eat it? Jesus would be busy helping the poor and needy rather then stressing endlessly about how every slice of bread will be damaging his health! People need to enjoy their life and stop worrying about every little detail. We shouldn't judge others on what they eat or what they look like.

So, enough of me ranting, let us enjoy some smoothie bowls. Have bread, pasta, pizza whatever tonight and feel good about it, feel good that you can eat whatever you want and nothing is going to stop you. Just in moderation. Anyway, I give you below a basic template for smoothie bowls:

Serves 1

A smoothie bowl has 3 important parts, 1.The thick smoothie 2. The crunch 3.The fruit and fancy toppings to make your bowl tumblr/Instagram worthy

You will also need a medium sized bowl that is good looking.


Mango 1/2 +frozen banana 1 +coconut milk 1/4-1/2 cup +chia seeds 1-2 tbs+ 1tbs coconut oil

Raspberry (handful) +frozen banana (1/2-1)+coconut milk (drizzle) +peanut butter (small spoon) +honey (drizzle)  

1 Banana+ 1tbs peanut butter+ small handful oats+ 1 tsp cocoa powder+almond milk (1/2 cup at least ) +honey (drizzle)

Crunch topping:

Handful of granola (home made) but I love Pure Delish's No Grainola
Toasted coconut (oven 170 degres celsius for 5 minutes)
Toast seeds or nuts ("                              " for 10 minutes)

Fruit + other fancys....

Take my advice, some fruits just don't work well ontop of your smoothie bowl. You want juicy, soft fruit that looks beautiful when sliced.

Handful of berries (Plonk a big handful right in the middle)
Sliced bananas (artistically on one side of your bowl)
Sliced figs
Sliced mangos (slightly overlapping each other)
Sliced apple (slightly overlapping each other)

Other fancys:
Nut butter (almond/peanut)
Drizzle of coconut cream
Drizzle of honey
Mint leaves

Make your smoothie
Place in a bowl
Top with crunch/fruit and other fancys
I suggest you design your smoothie bowl first before starting your artistic piece.
I also suggest you do some instagram smoothie bowl browsing beforehand so you really get the feel of it and get so inspired you cannot wait to start chopping up some fruit to express your inner artist. (or is it just me? I'm a bit obsessed)
Eat with a spoon (duh)



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