Autumn cheeseboard

It's getting colder lately, and I know for sure summer is gone.
I really want to eat cheese, so I did. I made a cheeseboard with a bit of an autumn theme and I really enjoyed it. I want to share it with you today because I love how cheeseboards are easy, elegant and very beautiful, and you don't even need to know how to cook to make one!

It is a matter of choosing the right things and assembling them. I decided to go with a sweet, fruity cheeseboard because I wanted to use the figs I bought from the market. Figs are very beautiful when cut open, and pair well with honey and walnuts, which I have scattered around the board.

I chopped some apples and fejoas as well, since they were in season, but I believe you could use some stone fruit as well for good results. I was tempted to add avocado because I am addicted to them but my mum said it would be weird.

My cheeses (were brie, buffalo milk volcano and a semi soft orange rind). I took them out an hour before serving because the cheese tastes best at room temperature, nobody likes to bite into ice cold cheese!
I chose oat cakes as my base, they are crumbly, nutty and a little sweet, I think they are delicious. I particularly enjoy smearing my oatcakes with butter, fig jam and topping it with a slice of brie. The combination is delicious! You must try it.

Speaking of fig jam, I believe it is one of the most important parts of the cheeseboard. Any jams, fruit logs or preserves will really balance out the saltiness and richness of the cheese. I'm quite into figs at the moment, so fig jam was a very nice touch.

Along with some pecans, walnuts, honey and mint my cheeseboard was complete! I even have a fancy cheese knife for my board :) .

You don't need a recipe for a cheeseboard, I suggest you just wing it, I mean why would you need one anyway?

But I have a formula:

3-4 cheeses (range from fresh, soft and hard)
2-3 types of seasonal fruit i.e (pear, apple, fig, peach, grape etc )
handful of nuts (for crunch and a bit of texture)
sweetness, (honey, jam, preserves, fruit logs, dried fruit)
A base (oatcakes, also known as oat biscuits would be my number one choice, however feel free to use
crackers, crisp breads or  sliced baguette)

That is all! Enjoy!



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