Top 10 Best Cafes in Auckland

As an Aucklander, I have come to realise that Auckland is a pretty good place to get a coffee or have brunch. My top 3 for a good cafe would be Food, Serivce, Atmosphere+Vibes. You need to be wary, there are many hispter cafes out there that look cool on the outside but offer expensive bad food and snobby service. There are also many awkard cafes where you seem to be the only customer, and there are those cafes that serve extremely boring menus, with eggs benedict, muesli and ceaser salad. Dining out is not cheap, so you should make sure you go somewhere good. This is why I have produced a guide to those in need of guidance. Not to brag or anything, but although Metro has a really good guide to cafes in Auckland, they seem to label any cafe that has cool, hispter decorations, milk bottles and trendy location as a good cafe. There is nothing wrong with that, but we often forget the most important part, food. Many places may look flash on the outside, but there food is as bland as a cafe where all the seats are the same . 

That's enough talk, lets get to it:

1, Loeuf

Although L'oeuf may not be in the best location, or have the coolest vibes, it is one of the best cafes in it's own right. L'oeuf means french in egg, all the dishes in l'oeuf are creative, unique and delicious. There are exotic sounding dishes like; The Nest, 2 eggs in a deep fried filo nest and The Geisha, a soba noodle bowl. L'oeuf presents their food artistically, it is even more delightful to admire their food then to eat it.

4a Owaikara Avenue, Mt Albert

2, Bolaven

Bolaven is a very cool asian style cafe that serves up your common brunch dishes with an asian twist. For example, instead of eggs on toast they have fried eggs, sticky rice and sweet soy sauce, pretty cool huh? Bolaven is very busy, but that adds to a great atmosphere. Their vietnamese style decor is also very cool, especially the big woven lamps

597 Mt Eden Road. Mt Eden

3, St Heliers Bay cafe and bistro
This Hip Group cafe ticks all the boxes for a flash cafe, it's fashionable, popular and very expensive. This place has great views, decent although overpriced food and extremely lively atmosphere, and they have very good ice creams and gelato, perfect for a summer day at the beach.
387 Tamaki Drive, St Heliers

                                                                                 4, Little bird unbakery

Normally we don't expect to eat healthy when we eat out but if you go to little bird unbakery, you're probably going to eat healthier then you do at home. Little Bird Unbakery serves up raw vegan dishes that are also gluten free, grain free, refined sugar free and soy free. Despite these limitations, the food is actually very good and even better for your body. Little Bird Unbakery has a interesting menu too with things from acai bowl, buckwheat waffles, no grain bagels, pizza and their famous bird bowl. I actually felt very full after eating their food, as it is very nourishing for your body. P.S You must try their cheesecake!, no cheese.....

1a Summer Street, Ponsonby

5, Rosie
Right beside the Parnell rose gardens you will discover a spacious, colourful space where you can sit on cushion bean bags instead of chairs, and that is Rosie. Rosie makes some pretty tasty food, showcasing the best of many local ingredients. They are a hip group cafe, so their menu is very confusing, but it can be a surprise because you have no idea what you have ordered! You must try their ricotta and fig smoothie, a little different but very worth it.
82 Gladstone avenue, Parnell

6, Imperial Lane
Imperial Lane is very different from all the other cafes in Auckland, it looks dark, industrial and a little depressing,  like a dark alleyway where you find gangsters. They serve up some pretty good hot dogs, and you can do alot of exploring once you are done eating.

 7 Fort Lane, CBD

7, Best ugly Bagels
I am not biased, I am speaking the truth, Best Ugly Bagels are the Best bagels in New Zealand. They are chewy, crunchy and absolutely worth every single carb. Made in a gigantic wood fired oven right infront of your eyes, Best Ugly Bagels takes Bagels to a whole new level. Furthermore, best ugly bagels is casual and fun, they call your name out when your bagel is ready and you get to see them make it. Make sure you buy a bag of bagels as a souvenir. 

City Works Depot, Wellesly Street CBD

                    8, Little and Friday
I can never choose what to order at Little and Friday, their cabinets of delicate cakes, tarts, pastries and sweet delights are splendid. Just the sight of them makes me want to drool and stuff them into my mouth. You must order their cream donut, or you will miss out on one of the yummiest things you'll ever taste in your life. There is a very long line on weekends, so make sure you get in quick, everything sells fast!
43 eversleigh road, Belmont

9, La Fourchette
La Fourchette serves some pretty good french food that would have made Julia child proud.  They also have a good range of crepes and galattes which make a good, filling lunch. I like to order their galettes (Buckwheat crepes), and walk around St Heliers Bay afterwards.
8c Turua Street, St Heliers

10,  La Cigale
La Cigale is a french market that is open on sunday mornings to 1pm. It may not be a cafe, but you can treat it like one, and the food that is offered will have much more variety then any cafe you could ever go to. I have had paella, crepes, cheese, french pastries and hummus all in one place, and the atmosphere is so fun and happy I can't help but go again. If you want to go to a cafe on a Sunday, then you should really put this one up as the No. 1 Option.
69 St Georges Bay Rd, Parnell


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