Last day of 2014+ New Years Dinner+ late night desserts

I cannot believe it, today is the last day of 2014. It has happened so fast, I cant seem to get over it. This year has been amazing, although it was challenging, it was also eye-opening, exhilirating and alot of fun. I decided to do a round up of the top 5 most significant things this year.

1. Becoming a boarder

This year I switched from Kristin school to St cuthbert's college and I also became a weekly boarder. From Monday to Friday I stayed at school and I went home in the weekends. It was really tough and I got homesick, but gradually it got better. However, boarding isn't easing, I had to deal with bland food, strict rules, homesickness and annoying therapists, but it was also a lot of fun, I had a lot of new experiences and I met lots of new people. It was really fun chatting with the people in my wing at nighttime and laughing and talking about life. I learned how to make some pretty mean toasties, wraps and no stove meals in boarding, it taught me how to creative with the limited ingredients I could bring and how to not waste food. It is so good to be at home where there is plenty of food! Boarding also helped me become more independent and apreaciate time with my family. It was also great swimming in the pool in the summer after school.

2. St Cuthberts college

This year moved to St Cuthberts college for year 9. St Cuthberts College was nothing like what I expected yet it was pretty much everything I could hope for in a school. Most of my teachers were very engaging and fun, I really looked up to them and they really inspired me. The girls in my core class were really a unique bunch, they asked millions of questions, gave a wide range of opinions and were really supportive, kind and funny. It is only now that I realised how much fun they were and how much fun our classes were because of core class 9.5. I must make a special mention to my maths class with Pam and the pam fam (Inside joke), who were incredibly smart, funny and extremely great at pretending they didn't study for a test and then getting excellences. However, my favourite class was indeed social studies and I give ms smith brownie points for excellent use of sarcasm, cynical views and honest opinions, how often do you meet a teacher who actually has her own opinions?
St Cuthberts College also encouraged us to grow up believing that we, as women can do anything, and it was really cool to be able to see that being encouraged.

3. Cooking and baking , food in general

I feel 2014 has really helped me improve my cooking and develop my own style. I really enjoyed experimenting in the kitchen, trying out new ingreadients, discovering Auckland's wide range of dining experiences and trying out new recipes from food blogs. Many thanks to Farro for supplying me with the wonderful high quality ingreadients that I would have never have even seen in my life.  New ingredients I discovered and love this year are: lewis road creamery butter, havarti, feta cheese, ricotta, almond butter, Japanese sesame dressing, eggplants, kale, quinoa, buckwheat flour, freeze dried fruit, butternut squash, imitation crab, Tasty pots (not really a ingredient but WHAT EVER), yeast
New food combinations/dishes with incredible wow! factor are: Apples and peanut butter, mashed avocado with olive oil, lemon and salt, chocolate avocado popsicles, 60% dark chocolate, avocado sauce with grains/pasta, tahini dressing, cream cheese+honey, brie/havarti by the slice, eggplant with paprika ad cumin, hummus feta chicken avocado sandwiches, pesto mozzarella grilled cheese, beetroot feta dip wrap sushi rolls and butternut squash roasted with olive oil and salt.
Favourite food blogs (best recipes ever): Green kitchen stories, Cookie and Kate, Love and lemons, Food52 (foodie universe), half-baked harvest (kind of), Metro eats (thanks for showing me the best places to eat in Auckland, from hipster cafes to tiny korean restaurants with the best spicy seafood noodle soup) and Minamalist baker.
Favourite saturday night dinners:

lastly, favourite places to dine:
Cheap eats;
Yummy Korean BBQ in birken head
Burger Burger -- Ponsonby central

Little and Friday
+ shoutout to Milse (Dessert place)

Non Solo Pizza
Sweat shop

4.Cassey Ho+Pop pilates
Before Cassey, I had no idea how to properly exercise, I was sure all my positions were wrong, my workouts were more damaging to my body then effective and to be honest, I just wasn;t doing it right. But all has changed. Cassey Ho makes workouts effective, especially sore on the body and incredibly fun. I actually want to do more! Train Insane or remain the same :)
Best ab workout-- Flat belly burner, abs on fire
Best butt workout-- butt lift and slim thighs, any butt workout when you do like a million of mini circles on one leg
Best leg workout -- Lolo lunges

5. Various TV programs
Master Chef Junior
Bite of China
Master Chef USA
Sex in the City

I have no words--- if I do say anything I will need to write another post

Special mention:
My Mum :)



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