A Post that was forced to be written

Technically, this blog is for english, so it also kind of counts as an assignment.
So for now, I'll have to add things in my blog I don't want to add, but I shall post it anyway.

So, On wedensday I went to the Massive Theatre Drama Company's one day workshop where we "discover" and act out our own story. Some people really enjoyed it, like it was the highlight of their week. Others, well, I guess there were some fun parts and the idea of the programme was really good, but really, I found it a bit boring.

I liked the idea of using different techniques to discover your own story, the funny jokes our tutors made and the end results but when you have to do a "captin's coming salute" or run face on to the wall like a million times, it does get a bit tiresome.

I really wish I could say the day was awesome and exciting but I can't. My feelings come to me and I cannot control them and the truth is I felt bored. This does not mean the whole day was bad and a waste of time in general, this is simply my response to a homework task I had to complete.

And that is all



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