How they kidnapped 300 girls

In an Nigerian boarding school, around about 300 girls were kidnapped by a muslim fundamentalist group called Boko Haram. Boko Haram means western education evil, and the group's main goal is to a. destroy all religions b. prevent girls from recieving an education. Boko Haram later releases a video saying all the girls were his slaves, and he will auction them to be married. 

News ins't always acurate or true. I don't understand this, how on earth do you kidnap nearly 300 girls without anybody noticing?, aren't there teachers and matrons at a boarding school, why didn't they do anything? and why is this news report only being told now?, when the event had happened 3 weeks ago?

This is just as mysterious as The MH370, how on earth can we not find a rather big plane even with today's developed technology?, why does the Malaysia government keep lying? and most importantly, why can't we find even a single scrap of evidence from the plane?

I think our world is really messed up, and even though some of us may sit comfortably in our rooms, with our iPhones, wifi and food, thinking nothing bad will ever happen, people in the world are suffering things we can't even imagine. What I good job we do informing our next generation about it, 
kids think it's cool to use guns, kill people and fight, on social media they make things like drugs, alcohol, violence into jokes. None of this is funny. Who can we trust anymore?, who actually controls the media?, what is the media hiding?, what is the world hiding?. I personally don't trust governments, especially non-democratic corrupt ones. For example, the Chinese Governement may seem OK when you think about it, but do you know they lock people in mental hospitals when they protest about the corruption?, they steal all the money the citizens pay for tax and use it for their own enjoyment?, China isn't poor, their people are just unfairly treated. I see old people in the streets in China picking garbage for a living, people without arms and legs begging on the street, stories about young children being sold to be raped and married. This is the cost of the goverments actions, yet we see none of this on media. \

I'm being really off topic, so I'm going to jump into my conclusion. The reason Boko Haram kidnap and sell girls, the reason the Chinese Government locks people in mental hospitals, the reason terriosts bomb buildings and all the reasons people do terrible, terrible things is because they lack love.
The whole world lacks love, and when you lack love, you feel dissatisfied with your life. All those people lack love, and choose to replace it with something else like money or power. I think the key to happiness is love, and if you lack love, you lack everything. 



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