Rosie-Another Hip Group Cafe!

82 Gladstone Rd, Parnell
Visiting cafes is one of my favourite hobbies to do. It's fun, interesting and yummy, and I wish I could do it every day....
I love Hip Group cafes, their food is fresh and tasty, their service is fast and hostile and their decor is always so stylish!. Out of all the hip group cafes I have been to; Takapuna Beach Cafe, St Heliers Bay Bistro, Ortolana and Rosie, I have to admit, Rosie is my favourite. They're all great, Takapuna Beach Cafe has really good fish and chips, St Heliers has good chicken and awesome lights and Ortolana has a really nice outdoor space and good asparagus but Rosie has the best food and awesome seats (in my opinion). 

When we arrived at Rosie, it was much smaller then what I expected it to be. All Hip group cafes, have really cool chairs, but Rosie is the winner with chairs. They have these awesome bohemian knotted cushions, that you can plop your posterior on with perfect fit and height to the table. The place was really full, so we had to sit outside for a 15 minutes. I guess this was a good sign, showing the cafe was quite popular. When we were taken inside to a table and given menus, I had to admit it was a little surprising..., all the cabinet food weren't marked with a price and the menu had no categories. Instead they were divided into little groups with a same/similar price. It was quite surprising as usually when you go to a cafe you get a breakfast, lunch and a side, but over here you have to figure it out all by yourself.  I really loved their leather menu covers, they added a nice whimsical touch to the cafe.

I orded a ricotta, fig and honey smoothie and a smoked fish tartine. My Mum ordered a mascarpone, fejoia swiss roll. The ricotta smoothie was smooth, tangy and a little sweet. The smoothie was one of the strangest smoothies I have ever tasted, by strangely addicting. The smoked fish tartine is like an open faced sandwich, with warm pieces of juicy smoked fish piled over freshly toasted cibatta and topped with a few slices of fennel and the most flavourful aioli. It was simply stunning, I loved it. The only problem with the dish was the fact they did not add any avocados and they gave me a blunt knife, so I spent a rather long time trying to cut the cibatta roll (which was not easy to cut).  Our waitress was extremely friendly, she explained to me patiently what certain items on the menu was and she was always there to help. I have to say, Rosie's food and service is pretty impressive for a cafe that only opened two weeks ago.



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