Lonely, 2nd book review of Anne Frank

Anne frank often talks about loneliness and isolation in her writing. She writes how her mother lacks love and affection towards her, how Mr. and Mrs. van Daan and Mr. Dussel often scold and critisize her and how she thinks her sister is smart and pretty but doesn't have a close bond with her.  Anne makes friends with Peter van Daan, but this relationship is disproved by Peter's mother. Anne Frank also struggles to understand why Jews are being singled out and doesn't really know what her identity is. I think it must be hard for her, because of how she lives and how lonely it must be for her. Most of all, it must be scary, to lie on your bed at night with the knowledge that you could either live like this forever or even worse, be captured by the germans. But I think Anne Frank must have had hope, that all this was going to get better. The reason I think this diary became so famous was because  even though this was just a diary about a jewish teenage girl, the events, feelings and thoughts behind it are much more deeper and important. In my opinion the diary is not as exciting and as interesting as some popular fictional stories, but it is still pretty good for a diary.



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