Little bird Unbakery

Little bird unbakery review:
1a Summer street, Ponsonby

You probably know what a vegan is.Someone who can't eat any dairy products, meat related products and definitly not meat.So guess what a raw vegan is?, exactly, a vegan that can only eat raw food. And you may be thinking, is that possible?, how could someone live a life like that?, why would someone choose to live like that?. 
Raw vegan sounds bad right?, you're probably imagining a bunch of weary-eyed people chewing carrots and drinking spinach juice. How about a raw vegan cafe?, and now you're probably like what?!, where you charge innocent people money to chew vegetables and gulp down murkey, green liquids?, where on earth would you find a place like that!

But people, there is. And it isn' bad at all. Infact, it is one of the best cafes I have been too. One of the only cafes where you have to wait 30 minutes to get a seat at a table, oh and one of the only cafes in Auckland that serves you raw food, that doesn't taste bad at all.

The first time I went to little bird unbakery, I spent at least 20 minutes looking for it. There is no street sign and no sign of it whatsoever, it isn't even on the main road of Ponsonby. The only evidence of this mysterious cafe is a small wooden postbox with a bird on it. But when you walk inside, it really is a beautiful place. Old brickwalls with circular lights dangling from the ceiling, and cute wooden tables and flowing pot plants, this is nothing like your local mall's coffee club. Immeadietly, you are greeted by a waiter (who looks fabulous) and handed a menu and puts your name up on a chalkboard that will stay them for the next half an hour or so. That menu says that little bird unbakery is: Gluten free, soy free, dairy free, raw, vegan, organic and sugar free. But it has interesting stuff like pizza, bagels and smoothie bowls. The food isn't heated above 44 degrees so you can relax as it is probably the most healthiest meal you have ever eaten in your life.

Cheesecake!(without cheese)

When I finally sat down, orded my food and it came, it was pretty impressive and really amazing to look at. Before I talk about my main meal, I need to say something extremely important, you must order their cheesecake. It is the best cheesecake you will ever eat. How could something that is raw, sugar free and vegan taste so good?, and it's supposed to be cheesecake?. It looks visually stunning as well, but still does every other treat in their cabinet and dish on their menu. The cheesecake was just soooooo good. My main dish was great as well, the bird bowl (a bowl with assorted veges, sprouted seeds and grains) is fresh, flavourful and it had a whole avocado in it (which is a pretty good bonus), and it taste delicious. But the cheesecake was better. I still think about it now. You can order nothing else but you have to order the cheesecake!

After I finished, I actually felt really full. But it was really satisfying and I great experience. I bought a packet of their macroons when I left. (They were good too). But this really is a place you should go.



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