I think a big problem in the world today is hunger, we all get hungry, but some of us only have to be hungry for a while or so, but others of us have to be hungry for their entire life. Have you ever had that moment when you were so hungry you could eat anything?, that nothing else was more important at that moment then stuffing your face with food?, I'm sure we all have. I think the world today is pretty messed up. Kids in some parts of the world will throw their sandwhiches in the bin at lunchtime, some will refuse to have their food touch and some will refuse to eat anything else then what they ask for. And it's not just kids, I go to restaurants and see grown ups who complain their food is bland, or their food is too salty or even if their steak is not medium rare. And then the whole entire dish goes straight to the bin, thirty dollars or so chucked away. You also hear again and again about the starving children in asia, and africa and all around the world, the homeless people who sleep on the streets and eat any scraps they can find and sometimes even about the brainwashed citizens in North Korea who can't even afford to eat rice. There was one time in history that hunger, in my opinion was extreme. That was the Holocaust. You may think this blog is a bit depressing now, first I'm writing about cafes and recipes and now I'm talking about hitler. But the truth is the truth. When I read Anne franks diary, the life she described before she had to live in the secret annex seemed like paradise, she could go to school, eat proper food and play. But really, she lived a pretty normal middle class life. When Anne entered the Annex, life became tougher. I pitied how they could never go outside to see the sun, how they always had to be silent and how they had to eat the same foods every single day. Anne frank quotes in her book "In the twenty-one months we've lived here, we've been through a good many "food cycles" -- you'll understand what that means in a moment. A "food cycle" is a period in which we have only one particular dish or type of vegetable to eat. For a long time we ate nothing but endive. Endive with sand, endive without sand, endive with mashed potatoes, endive-and-mashed potato casserole. Then it was spinach, followed by kohlrabi, salsify, cucumbers, tomatoes, sauerkraut, etc., etc.". Anne frank must have been mentally strong do endure such hardships in her life. Her education, freedom, and right to be a child have been all taken from her and yet she still stays strong. This makes me feel kind of bad, here I am writing a food blog, while millions of people in the world are dying from hunger. Did the Germans know that while they ate and feasted, millions of jews were stick thin, extremely hungry and slowing dying?. And then I think, how must hitler have felt about this fact when he sits on his chair and eats his cake?. Oh, by the way, did you know hitler was a vegetarian?



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