Anne Frank Book review 3, Death

This diary is not a particularly happy one. Anne frank lives around about 2 years in severe isolation and loneliness before being taken to a concentration camp and being killed. The biggest mystery around this diary for me is who betrayed anne frank and why? I also wonder how non-jews perceived jews, how were some of them that easily convinced that jews were evil? I mean that's just like the government declaring a genocide at people with brown eyes or something, and then all of a sudden we all hated brown eyed people. How does that work? Anne Frank was going to publish her diary, she had begun drafting and editing it. She never had the chance to see the book published, she was captured on August 4th, 1944. Anne Frank died in 1945 from typhus epidemic. What did Anne Frank think about before she died?, was it food, warmth or freedom?, or just to die quickly so life won't be so painful anymore?, or did she believe she could survive the holocaust?. My response to this is by showing pictures of the last meals of prisoners in death sentences at prison, to show how they wanted to spend their last hours of their life, how do you want to spend yours? 

When death sentence prisoners are to be executed, they can have choice of last meal. A photographer documents this by using props to display what the prisoners ate before they died.



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