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(The Cambodian)

I want to find what it is like to be a food critic, and explore dining as I never would have before. I think eating is more of an experience then a task, or hobby. I think if we took away good food from everybody's lives and replaced it with bad stuff, the world would be horrible.

As part of my exploration is to find places with good food, I guess I'll just share something I found not long ago. It is pretty cool:
Loeuf (4A Owairaka Avenue, Mount Albert, Auckland)
This is from Loeuf, it's a small cafe in Mt Albert, that has a theme : Eggs! (loeuf is french for egg).
It is really whismical and beautiful, and has a really rustic feel to it. There are pots with plants hanging everywhere!, the effect is quite amazing though.....
The menu isn't like your regular cafe menu of poached eggs, BLT and granola, it is one of the most creative menus I have ever seen!

Why is it creative?
1.It is themed around eggs (I love eggs), and cafe menus rarely have a theme.
2. Each dish on the menu is presented so beautifully, it almost can be called an art, or is it?
3.The dishes all have a theme and a special name, which is named after the style of the food. My one was called The Nest (below) and it is so clever? Two eggs in a nest (it reminds me so much of spring). There is also The Geisha, The Hunter and The architect, but I didn't order them so I cant really describe them. I found a picture of The Cambodian though....
#The nest 

I orded the Nest, it was amazing....
It looked so beautiful it kind of makes you do a high-pitched squeak and reach for your phone to take a picture.
Two soft boiled eggs crumbed in walnuts in a Filo nest under spring salad leaves and a beetroot puree.
The soft yolks melted so well into the crunchy texture of the egg and the filo nest was crispy, soft, yet flavourful. And the beetroot puree was soooo good. 
The service was fast and the waiters were really nice. It was a bit expensive at round about 20 dollars a meal but it is really worth it..... 
I recomend you go there (really, you can trust me, you wont end up somewhere dodgy, it is really special)



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