Introducing my blog

Hi my name is Cindy

This blog will be about food.
I will post recipes, links, news and interesting stuff about food :)
I think food is important because who doesn't love food? 
Food is what some of us think of first when we get home, food is what some people live for, food is an experience, a part of our lives we can't live without. 

Our idea of food has changed and I think that it is sad, there is so much delicious food out there most people will never try, and nothing is better then eating good food :).

It is sad how fast food chains and commercial food producers dominate and phase out the culture and meaning behind food. Food isn't just what you eat when you are hungry, food is out passion, time and love, except because of how our world is changing, we are loosing the meaning behind a beautiful concept, a concept that will be lost forever, if we don't save it.

Our definition of food is distorted, when you hear food ,what is the first thing that comes to your mind?
Cookie?, Pizza?, Cereal?, Ice cream?. What can be defined as food anyway?

I want to use my blog to help people discover the real meaning behind food, what it takes to make what we eat and help inspire people to look further then the commercial packaging and giant billboards advertising cereal, I want people to discover what they can make at home, with simple ingredients to produce something they actually can have a connection with, something they will be proud of.

Food really changed my life and I think it could change yours-it already has.

First recipie link: Typography cake (I haven't tried it yet but I want to :)



About me

Hi I'm Cindy.